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3 Issues Could Get Trump Elected, Starting with Obamacare

Liz | 10/26 at 06:02 PM

Donald Trump needs to smile more and gripe less. In the few days that remain, he needs to give Americans solid reasons to vote for him, and not just against Hillary Clinton. 

Here are three issues that could sway undecided voters in the two short weeks that remain: Obamacare, education and job creation. For a normal candidate, this would be easy. But Trump, easily distracted by petty grievances, has repeatedly proved incapable of staying on message. And, he is remarkably inarticulate.  So, here are three critical messages translated into Trump-speak.   

Hillary Has Lock on the Black Vote, but May Have Alienated White Voters

Liz | 09/28 at 05:34 PM

NBC anchor Lester Holt did Hillary Clinton a big favor on Monday night when he brought up the “birther” issue, asking Donald Trump why it had taken so long for the GOP candidate to acknowledge Obama’s legitimacy. Most people have probably put the birther debate to bed and do not see it as central to the future of the nation. But, the question from the debate moderator allowed Hillary to again denounce Trump as racist and as disrespectful to our (popular) first African-American president.

Holt’s other questions about race gave her an opportunity to repeat her push for criminal justice reform and stricter oversight of our police. Since she is desperate to attract and motivate black voters, it was a win for her. Or was it?

Fact Checker or Debate Moderator—Will Holt Set a Trap for Trump

Liz | 09/26 at 04:18 AM

The focus of the news today is not what issues may loom large in tonight’s presidential debate, but whether NBC anchor Lester Holt, a Republican, should act as fact-checker. The liberal media is keen for him to do so, suggesting that Donald Trump has littered the campaign trail with falsehoods and that calling him out on his lies is Holt’s duty to American voters. The New York Times, for instance, says that “Mr. Holt cannot waiver when Mr. Trump dissembles.”

The Battle of the Brands Isn’t Trump v. Clinton, It’s Trump v. Obama

Liz | 09/21 at 05:35 PM

President Obama and Donald Trump have this in common: both have created a personal brand that tops achievement and defies critics. Obama’s appealing image has won him high approval ratings, in spite of multiple administration scandals and a solid record of underachievement. For Trump, a powerful brand has made him a contender, against all odds.

Mike Pence for Vice President: Maybe Trumps Not So Crazy After All

Liz | 07/14 at 10:14 AM

For Republicans who have been convinced by the liberal media that Donald Trump is too erratic and unpredictable to have “his finger on the button,” his apparent choice of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as a running mate should come as a welcome surprise. He could, after all, have nominated Ivanka, or Tom Brady, who is supposedly a friend. But no, Trump decided to take the “safe” path, which should be reassuring to those who have bought Hillary Clinton’s Goldwater-era attack line that Trump is “dangerous.”

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The Long-term Menace of a Hillary Win: Decades of a Liberal Supreme Court

Liz | 06/22 at 09:41 AM

Any day now the Supreme Court will rule on President Obama’s go-it-alone executive action protecting millions of undocumented persons against deportation. However it comes down, the decision will again inflame this bitterly divided nation; it will also remind moody Republicans why they must absolutely vote for Donald Trump.   

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