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Memo to Ted Cruz: Donald Trump Doesn’t Need You

Liz | 07/31 at 02:03 PM

Let’s be honest. Ted Cruz wants Hillary Clinton to become president, so he can run against her in 2020. He assumes that if Democrats hold the Oval Office for an unusual four more years, voters will tire of liberal policies. They will also tire of Clinton, who will assume office as an extremely unpopular president. Enter Cruz, who sees himself as the future hope of the GOP.

That’s his vision, and his ambition. And that is why he chose to accept a speaking slot at the Republican convention but did not endorse Donald Trump. For this, he should be branded unpatriotic. He knows that the next president will appoint one and possibly three or four Supreme Court justices in the next few years; if that president is Clinton, the liberal agenda of Barack Obama and his successor will set the country’s path for decades to come. That means that decisions on immigration, energy policy, health care, financial regulation, labor rules, voting rights and so much more will be determined by a liberal court.

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