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Calm, informed, reasonable: Trump scores at final debate

Liz | 10/20 at 10:08 AM

Bottom line: in the third and final presidential debate, Trump had his best outing yet. He was calm, informed and reasonable, and managed to again put Hillary on the defensive.

Hillary Has Lock on the Black Vote, but May Have Alienated White Voters

Liz | 09/28 at 05:34 PM

NBC anchor Lester Holt did Hillary Clinton a big favor on Monday night when he brought up the “birther” issue, asking Donald Trump why it had taken so long for the GOP candidate to acknowledge Obama’s legitimacy. Most people have probably put the birther debate to bed and do not see it as central to the future of the nation. But, the question from the debate moderator allowed Hillary to again denounce Trump as racist and as disrespectful to our (popular) first African-American president.

Holt’s other questions about race gave her an opportunity to repeat her push for criminal justice reform and stricter oversight of our police. Since she is desperate to attract and motivate black voters, it was a win for her. Or was it?

Fact Checker or Debate Moderator—Will Holt Set a Trap for Trump

Liz | 09/26 at 04:18 AM

The focus of the news today is not what issues may loom large in tonight’s presidential debate, but whether NBC anchor Lester Holt, a Republican, should act as fact-checker. The liberal media is keen for him to do so, suggesting that Donald Trump has littered the campaign trail with falsehoods and that calling him out on his lies is Holt’s duty to American voters. The New York Times, for instance, says that “Mr. Holt cannot waiver when Mr. Trump dissembles.”

5 Ways Trump Can Win the Debates and Close the Gap with Clinton

Liz | 08/31 at 09:58 PM

Donald Trump’s best chance shake up the race between now and Election Day is a masterful performance in the presidential debates. Hillary, according to The New York Times, is prepping like the solid, professional pol she is. Not so Donald Trump, who will be inclined to wing it for the first debate on September 26. That will work only if his attacks on Clinton are pointed and accurate. And, if he keeps his cool. Polls consistently show that Hillary is not likable and not trustworthy. The objective of the debates for Trump is to make sure more people end up sharing that opinion.

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