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Here’s Why Hillary Clinton Could Lose This Travesty of an Election

Liz | 07/27 at 01:45 PM

Why did Hillary Clinton reward Debbie Wasserman Schultz after WikiLeaks published emails that exposed how the supposedly neutral DNC Chair helped undermine Bernie Sanders and abused her office? Clinton elevated the disgraced operative to Honorary Co-Chair of her campaign, further enraging Bernie’s army of supporters.

What could enrage them more? Maybe choosing a moderate, rather than a progressive, to be her running mate? Oh wait, Clinton did that, too. She picked Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, who is not popular with the Sanders-Warren set.

The DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz insult Bernie and 12 million Americans

Liz | 07/25 at 12:45 PM

More than 12 million Americans voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary contest. Over 2 million sent in money – at $27 a pop, on average – to finance his campaign. Millions more felt the Bern, turned out for his rallies and cheered on his promised revolution.

Little did all those folks know that the Vermont senator with the raspy voice and big ideas never had a chance. As Sanders often suggested, the Democratic National Committee decided that Hillary Clinton would be their party’s presidential nominee long before any votes were cast. It turns out the Democratic Party isn’t so democratic after all.

The DNC, headed by longtime Clinton ally Debbie Wasserman Schultz, created a debate schedule that guaranteed low viewership, was designed to stifle competition and made sure Hillary’s dominance in superdelegates would keep rivals at bay. There was so much bad blood late last year that Sanders sued the DNC after the party denied his campaign access to important voter data, a suit that was later dismissed.

Christie Unites the GOP by Condemning Clinton for 8 Major Failures

Liz | 07/21 at 09:52 AM

Last Tuesday night in Cleveland, Chris Christie went where FBI chief James Comey feared to tread - indicting Hillary Clinton for serial poor judgment and bad behavior. He scrolled through her many lapses, trying her in the court of Republican opinion. The convention hall came to life, lustily pronouncing her guilty on all counts.

Clinton’s Plan to Handcuff the Cops Won’t Save the Racial Divide

Liz | 07/20 at 07:03 PM

Where do we go from here? That’s what many Americans wonder, as they watch race relations spiral downward and cops across the country come under siege. How can we bring the nation together again? How can we make everyone safe?

On Monday, Hillary Clinton laid out her plan to mend the racial divide, asserting that “there is clear evidence that African Americans are disproportionately killed in police incidents compared to any other group.”  Speaking to the NAACP in Cincinnati, Hillary said she wants the federal government to ride herd on local law enforcement, to create “clear national guidelines on the use of force, especially lethal force” and set up “independent investigations of fatal encounters.”  So much for community policing.

FBI’s Comey Makes It Clear: Hillary Clinton Is Above the Law

Liz | 07/05 at 07:54 PM

Is Hillary Clinton innocent? Or did she manage to avoid indictment? The two are not the same, as FBI Director James Comey made clear, even as he decided against recommending that Clinton be prosecuted for mishandling state secrets.

About half the country will now conclude what it has long suspected: the Clintons are above the law. How else to interpret Comey’s announcement?

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Pushed Around and Left Out. The Frightening US Parallels to Brexit

Liz | 06/29 at 07:45 PM

Hillary Clinton looks across the pond, and must loathe what she sees. Average English people have acted out, voting for Brexit like naughty children pulling a prank on the school principal. Despite apocalyptic warnings from business and political elites, they decided to leave the EU. 

UK’s leaders were punished for neglecting middle class wages and hopes and instead pursuing grander ambitions – tighter bonds with Europe. Hillary must wonder, will we be next? Will Americans blame stagnant incomes on President Obama who was so busy “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” that he forgot about the people who elected him?

Brexit stuns world and delivers message: Hillary Clinton should pay attention

Liz | 06/24 at 01:17 PM

You can blame the financial crisis for Great Britain’s shocking decision to leave the EU. Why? Because the Great Recession made ordinary people lose faith in “establishment” leaders.

The people of the UK were warned in apocalyptic terms of the risks of exiting the European Union; they heard from their political leaders, military chiefs, the directors of think tanks, central bankers and business leaders, all of whom warned of severe economic repercussions from “Brexit.” Even President Obama weighed in, delivering a stark threat that England on its own would fall to the “back of the queue” if it tried to negotiate trade deals with the U.S.

At the end, they didn’t care.

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