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Forget “Great.” Trump Should Just Promise To Make America Work Again

Liz | 06/01 at 10:01 AM

Let’s be clear: There are no excuses for the incompetence that Americans routinely experience from the federal government.   

But, there may be a cure. As Americans flock to vote for a change in Washington, what they may actually want is a country that works. Where the programs administered by the feds are efficient and where taxpayer dollars are not incinerated through stupidity. Where the roads are passable and the streets are safe, where kids learn the basics in school and jobs are plentiful. These are the things that people gripe about, not which bathrooms transgenders use in North Carolina. Most people’s needs are not impossible, but the government all too often fails to deliver. This is Donald Trump’s platform: Making America Great Again. A lot of people would settle for: Making America Work Again.

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