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How Obama & Co Has Made Americans Lose Faith in the Justice System

Liz | 11/02 at 05:53 PM

Who is undermining the rule of law in our country? Democrats say it is FBI Director James Comey, but they’re wrong. It is President Obama who has repeatedly and inappropriately stepped on Department of Justice investigations and his Attorneys General who have allowed it to happen.

Can Hillary Clinton buy the 2016 election?

Liz | 10/31 at 05:36 PM

Can money buy an election? Hillary Clinton better hope so. Thanks to Director Comey’s bombshell announcement that the FBI is reopening the investigation into Clinton’s mishandling of classified information, a close race will almost surely tighten further. Hillary goes into the home stretch under pressure, with lagging enthusiasm and falling “favorables”, but with this to fall back on: piles of cash.  

FBI’s Comey Makes It Clear: Hillary Clinton Is Above the Law

Liz | 07/05 at 07:54 PM

Is Hillary Clinton innocent? Or did she manage to avoid indictment? The two are not the same, as FBI Director James Comey made clear, even as he decided against recommending that Clinton be prosecuted for mishandling state secrets.

About half the country will now conclude what it has long suspected: the Clintons are above the law. How else to interpret Comey’s announcement?

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