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After Brexit, EU Leaders Must Wake Up and Smell the Rage

Liz | 06/30 at 07:50 PM

What a difference a week makes. As various parties in Britain campaigned to leave the EU, the media derided their quest as the byproduct of xenophobia and bigotry. Voters preferring “Brexit,” we were told, were uneducated, older and mostly white English people hoping to turn back the clock. Frustration with overreaching regulations and legitimate concerns about security were a sideshow, according to most reports.

Now that the vote has actually occurred, a different narrative is emerging. The New York Times describes the EU’s most vulnerable point as its “remoteness from ordinary people and lack of democratic legitimacy.” The paper reported on the first post-vote meeting held by EU leaders, with British Prime Minister David Cameron conspicuously absent. The leaders apparently were unanimous in agreeing that the union must change its ways to curb “a rising tide of populism driven in large part by hostility towards Brussels.” The principle agreement reached by the bureaucratic organization, according to The Times, is “a familiar one — to hold another meeting…”

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Brexit stuns world and delivers message: Hillary Clinton should pay attention

Liz | 06/24 at 01:17 PM

You can blame the financial crisis for Great Britain’s shocking decision to leave the EU. Why? Because the Great Recession made ordinary people lose faith in “establishment” leaders.

The people of the UK were warned in apocalyptic terms of the risks of exiting the European Union; they heard from their political leaders, military chiefs, the directors of think tanks, central bankers and business leaders, all of whom warned of severe economic repercussions from “Brexit.” Even President Obama weighed in, delivering a stark threat that England on its own would fall to the “back of the queue” if it tried to negotiate trade deals with the U.S.

At the end, they didn’t care.

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How a Ban on Tea Kettles Could Drive Britain to a Brexit

Liz | 06/15 at 09:39 AM

The British may be about to shock the world and upend the long-standing institutions of the West. Polling shows a sudden surge in support for Brexit, even as political and military leaders – including President Obama - argue forcefully for the UK staying in the European Union. Why should Americans care? Because as in 1979 when Margaret Thatcher was elected Prime Minister, only to be followed in the U.S. by the Reagan revolution, the Brits may be showing us the way.

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