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Trump’s Golden Opportunity: Slashing 179,000 Pages of Federal Regulations

Liz | 12/21 at 12:10 PM

To the dismay and puzzlement of disgruntled liberals, the Dow Jones Index has soared nearly 9 percent since Donald Trump was elected president on November 8. The Russell 2000 Index of small-cap stocks has jumped 15 percent. That was not expected.

The day before the election – the day FBI Director Comey again cleared Hillary Clinton—the market turned around a nine-day losing streak and jumped 400 points. CNN explained, “Monday’s dramatic rally was the clearest evidence yet that Wall Street feels more comfortable with the idea of Clinton winning than Trump.” In October, Politico summed up expectations with this headline: “Economists: A Trump win would tank the markets.” Oops.

Trump’s Vision for Growth vs. Hillary’s Dark Tale of a Rigged Economy

Liz | 08/10 at 06:28 PM

Through their economic policy speeches this week, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will lay out two very different portraits of America. One America celebrates enterprise and emboldens the individual. In that United States, innovation is welcome and American advantages – including cheap energy – are protected and exploited. That America gives its workers every tool to battle foreign competition including an excellent education and guarantees opportunity. Most important, perhaps, that nation expects its government to get its priorities straight – and to put America first.

Sinking Dollar Fair Warning to Obama

Liz Peek | 10/09 at 11:44 AM

President Obama is uncertain not only about our military options, but also – dangerously – about economic choices.

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