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Trump Could Make the Deal of His Life and Defeat Clinton

Liz | 08/03 at 12:53 PM

Donald Trump needs to “do a deal” with Gary Johnson, the former Republican governor of New Mexico and a current Libertarian candidate. Support for Johnson, past CEO of a marijuana marketer, is surging. He won’t win the presidency as a third-party candidate, but if he continues to attract voters unhappy with Trump and Clinton, he could almost certainly decide the race. The Libertarian does not align perfectly with the GOP candidate, but he has more in common with Trump than with Clinton. A Trump-Johnson partnership – either private or public—would almost certainly win. At the least, they could double-team Hillary Clinton during the debates.

Memo to Ted Cruz: Donald Trump Doesn’t Need You

Liz | 07/31 at 02:03 PM

Let’s be honest. Ted Cruz wants Hillary Clinton to become president, so he can run against her in 2020. He assumes that if Democrats hold the Oval Office for an unusual four more years, voters will tire of liberal policies. They will also tire of Clinton, who will assume office as an extremely unpopular president. Enter Cruz, who sees himself as the future hope of the GOP.

That’s his vision, and his ambition. And that is why he chose to accept a speaking slot at the Republican convention but did not endorse Donald Trump. For this, he should be branded unpatriotic. He knows that the next president will appoint one and possibly three or four Supreme Court justices in the next few years; if that president is Clinton, the liberal agenda of Barack Obama and his successor will set the country’s path for decades to come. That means that decisions on immigration, energy policy, health care, financial regulation, labor rules, voting rights and so much more will be determined by a liberal court.

Trump Has One Card to Play and He Better Play It Now: The Economy

Liz | 06/08 at 10:16 AM

Is Trump washed up? Done for? Kaput? Probably not, but he has surely taken a thrashing this past few days. Boiling it all down, there are two lessons for the tycoon-turned-pol. The first: take your personal business – including your sleazy university – off the table. You are now running for the highest office in the land, the most powerful position on earth, and heading one of the two great political parties of this great nation. Nobody cares about your stupid lawsuit or your personal vendetta against the presiding judge. That’s your past. Onto the future.

The second: take control of the conversation, and focus on what is important to voters. If you want to be president, you need to craft a message that will appeal to the majority of American voters. Not just disgruntled white guys – you need to convince women and minorities too that you can follow through on your promise to bring jobs back to this country.

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Tags: donald trump Did Team Obama fudge the jobs numbers to stave off a Fed rate hike?

Liz | 06/07 at 07:13 AM

What a coincidence. Just as momentum was building towards an interest rate hike by the Fed, along comes a dismal jobs report that takes any increase off the table. Contrary to the general perception, this is a lucky break for Democrats.

Forget “Great.” Trump Should Just Promise To Make America Work Again

Liz | 06/01 at 10:01 AM

Let’s be clear: There are no excuses for the incompetence that Americans routinely experience from the federal government.   

But, there may be a cure. As Americans flock to vote for a change in Washington, what they may actually want is a country that works. Where the programs administered by the feds are efficient and where taxpayer dollars are not incinerated through stupidity. Where the roads are passable and the streets are safe, where kids learn the basics in school and jobs are plentiful. These are the things that people gripe about, not which bathrooms transgenders use in North Carolina. Most people’s needs are not impossible, but the government all too often fails to deliver. This is Donald Trump’s platform: Making America Great Again. A lot of people would settle for: Making America Work Again.

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