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Why Trump’s ‘Conract’ is a gift to millions of common sense Americans

Liz | 10/28 at 10:48 AM

Donald Trump is again gaining on Hillary Clinton. Is it because of ObamaCare? Is it because of WikiLeaks? Or could it be because frustrated voters demand change, and that Clinton is the poster child for the status quo? Trump is not the perfect messenger, to be sure, but he is embracing a perfect message: it’s time to shake up the establishment, or, as he says, to “drain the swamp.” It is time for a new Contract with the American Voter, and he is offering just that.

Calm, informed, reasonable: Trump scores at final debate

Liz | 10/20 at 10:08 AM

Bottom line: in the third and final presidential debate, Trump had his best outing yet. He was calm, informed and reasonable, and managed to again put Hillary on the defensive.

“Noboday 2016” - The Campus Bumper Sticker That Helps Trumps

Liz | 10/12 at 06:01 PM

“Nobody 2016” stickers are all the rage at Colorado State University – summing up what a lot of Americans – and especially young Americans—think about this election. Like it or not, millennials are receiving a crash course in ugly Politics101. Not only did their hero Bernie Sanders turn traitor by endorsing Hillary Clinton; they now know, thanks to Wikileaks, that Clinton colluded with officials of the Democratic Party to cheat and beat their man.

Worse yet, they are finding out that Clinton has sold them a bill of goods. More emails reveal that she isn’t on board the Sanders revolution, and never will be.  As she has said to donors, away from microphones, “I occupy the center-left to the center-right.” From the same source, they now know that the media was complicit in undermining Bernie’s run, and is politically aligned. Most uncomfortable of all, the COO of Facebook, that millennial home-away-from-home, is in the tank for Hillary, too. Is nothing sacred, they must wonder?

The True Cost of a Hillary Presidency. Zero Confidence in Government

Liz | 10/05 at 10:28 PM

Hillary Clinton reportedly mused to State Department staffers about assassinating Julian Assange with a drone strike. Some people think she wasn’t kidding as they blithely refer to the Clinton “body count.”

Conspiracy theorists went into high gear when Seth Rich, a DNC staffer who had ties to the Clintons, was shot dead in Washington, D.C. on July 10. The homicide is being investigated as a robbery, though none of Rich’s valuables were taken. Some speculate that Rich may have leaked the DNC emails to WikiLeaks that exposed efforts to undermine Bernie Sanders. 

Related: The Clinton Scandal That Still Matters Is Not the One You Think

Rich was one of three individuals who could have embarrassed the Clintons who died this past summer under peculiar circumstances. Shawn Lucas, 38, a lawyer who had recently served the DNC with a summons alleging fraud on behalf of Sanders’ backers, was found dead in his home. So was former UN diplomat John Ashe, 61, who was set to testify against a Chinese businessman who allegedly had funneled money to the DNC through Bill Clinton and a third party in the 1990s, the so-called “Chinagate” scandal.

Coincidence? Tin-hat conspiracy theorists? Probably. But not to the millions of Americans who have come to suspect the worst of Hillary Clinton. Forget her disastrous economic ideas or unfounded assault on law enforcement or even her apparent pay-to-play activities with the Clinton Foundation while Secretary of State. The greatest danger of a Hillary Clinton presidency could well be this: further erosion of Americans’ trust in our government and our institutions.

Here’s the Real Reason Trump’s OUtreach to BLack’s Scares the Left

Liz | 09/07 at 01:10 PM

The Left hates Donald Trump, but nothing has inspired more invective than his outreach to the black community. It’s like he has barged into an exclusive club wearing the wrong color shoes.

In a recent column in The New York Times, Charles Blow sounds positively unhinged by Trump’s overture to African-Americans, writing a hate-filled screed that calls the GOP candidate a bigot, a reprobate, and a charlatan whose soul is “dark” and who is “a prime example of the worst of humanity.” And that’s just in the opening paragraphs.

5 Ways Trump Can Win the Debates and Close the Gap with Clinton

Liz | 08/31 at 09:58 PM

Donald Trump’s best chance shake up the race between now and Election Day is a masterful performance in the presidential debates. Hillary, according to The New York Times, is prepping like the solid, professional pol she is. Not so Donald Trump, who will be inclined to wing it for the first debate on September 26. That will work only if his attacks on Clinton are pointed and accurate. And, if he keeps his cool. Polls consistently show that Hillary is not likable and not trustworthy. The objective of the debates for Trump is to make sure more people end up sharing that opinion.

Will Trump pivot on immigration? Here are four ways to move the needle and make it work

Liz | 08/23 at 08:07 PM

Donald Trump is pushing back against claims that he might change his stance on illegal immigration. Earlier, he was expected to propose a new approach on Thursday in Colorado; now that speech has been cancelled. Still, there is speculation that, following his meeting with members of a new Hispanic advisory committee over the weekend, he might back off on plans to deport the 11 million people who are in the country illegally.

I say, go for it.

Five Reasons a Sane Person Might Still Vote for Trump

Liz | 08/17 at 05:52 PM

Still undecided? Has the greatest media onslaught of all time (aided and abetted, it must be said, by the candidate himself) failed to convince you that Donald Trump is 1) unstable 2) a bigot 3) in league with Vladimir Putin 4) a demagogue 5) a Nazi or worse?

If your mind is still open, here are five reasons why a sane person might pull the lever for Trump. 

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Trump’s Vision for Growth vs. Hillary’s Dark Tale of a Rigged Economy

Liz | 08/10 at 06:28 PM

Through their economic policy speeches this week, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will lay out two very different portraits of America. One America celebrates enterprise and emboldens the individual. In that United States, innovation is welcome and American advantages – including cheap energy – are protected and exploited. That America gives its workers every tool to battle foreign competition including an excellent education and guarantees opportunity. Most important, perhaps, that nation expects its government to get its priorities straight – and to put America first.

Mr. Trump: The media is no longer your friend

Liz | 08/08 at 06:41 PM

Dear Mr. Trump, Apparently you didn’t get the memo – the one that told you the difference between competing in the primaries and running in the general election. Here’s the bottom line: you are now facing off against Hillary Clinton, and the media is no longer in your corner.

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