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Here’s Why Trump Should Forget the Wall and Push for E-Verify

Liz | 04/19 at 07:10 AM

Trump has put a conservative on the Supreme Court and has started to roll back excessive regulations, but he has not yet been able to keep some promises – like immediately dumping Obamacare, for instance.  Nonetheless, polls show that “the 45th president’s electoral coalition remains intact,” as The Washington Post reported recently. 

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Four Reason’s Trump’s Promise of Tax Reform is Fading Fast

Liz | 04/12 at 08:16 AM

Investors beware: there are four reasons (at least) why tax reform may not happen this year.
1)    Obstruction from Democrats is inevitable.
2)    There is only one individual in the White House with any tax policy credentials, but there are many loud voices.
3)    The failure to pass Paul Ryan’s healthcare bill makes it harder to enact tax reform through reconciliation.
4)    The House and the Senate disagree on the way forward.

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Instead of calling Trump illegitimate Dems should try to figure out where they went wrong

Liz | 01/23 at 06:49 PM

At what point does resistance become unpatriotic? Possibly, when elected leaders like Democrat John Lewis attempt to undermine the law of the land.

The dust-up between Lewis and Donald Trump began with the respected civil rights leader telling NBC’s Chuck Todd: “I don’t see this President-elect as a legitimate president…I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.”

So, even though Donald Trump won more than the requisite number of Electoral College votes to defeat Hillary Clinton,  Lewis, who has sworn to uphold the Constitution, denies that Mr. Trump, as of Friday afternoon, will be our duly elected president.  

Sore loser Obama turns to Russia hacking to delegitimize Trump’s triumph

Liz | 12/12 at 09:46 PM

Make no mistake: it’s payback time. In ordering up a “deep dive” into possible Russian interference in the election of Donald Trump, sore loser Barack Obama wants to delegitimize the real estate magnate’s win. His motive? Punishing Trump for the years the mogul spent publicly questioning whether Obama was an American citizen, which cast doubts on the legitimacy of hispresidency. Ah, how sweet the revenge. And how pitiful.

The New York Times in a tizzy over Melania Trump’s fashion choices. Seriously?

Liz | 11/18 at 09:34 AM

The New York Times is in trouble, and they know it. The paper has lost all credibility, and even long-time readers comfortable with its editorial bias have been sickened by the all-out trashing of Donald Trump over the past several months.

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Yes, President Trump will succeed. Here’s the incredible reason why

Liz | 11/15 at 10:08 PM

The liberal media is setting Donald Trump up to succeed. How? By making Trump out to be such a vile, erratic, destructive loon that unless he reenacts the Slaughter of the Innocents he will outperform expectations.

WikiLeaks reveals Obama’s line in the sand. You won’ believe what it is

Liz | 10/19 at 05:49 PM

It turns out that Barack Obama does indeed have a line in the sand – and it’s the WikiLeaks dumps that are battering Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and damaging to his legacy.

In a recent interview with “Meet the Press” anchor Chuck Todd, Joe Biden said that the U.S. would launch a “secret” cyber counter-attack against Russia in retaliation for their hacking into the DNC and other individual email accounts.

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Brexit stuns world and delivers message: Hillary Clinton should pay attention

Liz | 06/24 at 01:17 PM

You can blame the financial crisis for Great Britain’s shocking decision to leave the EU. Why? Because the Great Recession made ordinary people lose faith in “establishment” leaders.

The people of the UK were warned in apocalyptic terms of the risks of exiting the European Union; they heard from their political leaders, military chiefs, the directors of think tanks, central bankers and business leaders, all of whom warned of severe economic repercussions from “Brexit.” Even President Obama weighed in, delivering a stark threat that England on its own would fall to the “back of the queue” if it tried to negotiate trade deals with the U.S.

At the end, they didn’t care.

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An Economic Agenda for Disruptor Trump

Liz | 05/04 at 01:09 PM

What happens if nothing changes?

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5 Good Points Trump Made in His Foreign Policy Speech

Liz | 04/28 at 11:48 AM

Donald Trump gave a grown-up foreign policy speech yesterday, which was of course immediately dismissed as contradictory and insubstantial.

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