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Wake Up America, YOU Can Still Stop Obamacare

Liz Peek | 10/21 at 11:51 AM

Just because we have been struck nearly unconscious by the endless haranguing from President Obama does not mean that we should give up fighting the health care plan coming from the White House.

Is Obama Another Carter?

Liz Peek | 10/10 at 11:48 AM

By accepting the Norwegian Nobel Committee’s Peace Prize President Obama merges even more forcefully now in Americans’ minds with Jimmy Carter. That is a fate that Obama should avoid at all costs.

Obama Smackdown!

Liz Peek | 10/05 at 11:34 AM

President Obama’s Olympic loss in Denmark comes at a bad time for our ambitious young president. He is taking a drubbing on a number of fronts, leading many to wonder whether his well-run campaign and subsequent election wasn’t a bit of a fluke.

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Mr. Obama, Your Job Is More Jobs

Liz | 09/29 at 03:34 PM

Right now in our country there are 26 million Americans who need permanent jobs. This is the major challenge facing our country and our president.

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Wall Steet Will Never Be Tamed By a Mere Politician

Liz Peek | 09/14 at 05:19 PM

As this crisis melts into history, there’s no doubt we will become increasingly careless of the issues which precipitated it in the first place.

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Open the Windows, Speaker Pelosi!

Liz | 09/14 at 11:19 AM

Open hearings into Congress’ ethical transgressions would be a powerful antidote to the insulting charade of self-governance.

Finally, Maxine Waters is being investigated by the House Ethics Committee. The California Representative, who serves on the House Financial Services Committee, has been accused of inappropriately accessing federal bailout funds for a bank in which she and her husband have a substantial financial interest. It took months for Congress to respond to the charges of blatant self-dealing, despite Nancy Pelosi’s promise that ethics charges would be dealt with promptly.

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What Kennedy Could Have Taught Obama

Liz Peek | 08/26 at 05:21 PM

Mr. Kennedy had friends on both sides of the aisle and was singularly adroit at corralling them to his purposes.

Applauding Bernanke:  Every Circus Needs a Ringmaster

Liz | 08/19 at 11:39 AM

As our economics technocrats and Congress attempt to reorder financial regulation so as to prevent another boom and bust, the Fed will likely emerge with a larger overseer role. Republican Bernanke, originally appointed by President Bush, is unlikely to bend to the whims of the White House—any White House.

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Memo to Corporate America: Wake Up!

Liz Peek | 07/21 at 05:25 PM

They have to counter the Obama assaults, and they have to show Americans that they can help solve the country’s problems.

Is Obama Hiding Hillary?

Liz | 07/01 at 11:45 AM

Is a fractured elbow keeping Hillary out of the limelight, or are there more sinister forces at work?

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