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Let’s lead Haiti to a PERMANENT recovery

Liz | 01/15 at 10:08 AM

The U.S. should use this terrible tragedy in Haiti to finally engage with this impoverished nation, to help rebuild not only its buildings but its institutions.

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We Are At War With China, Too and We Can’t Let Them Win

Liz | 01/08 at 03:29 PM

Americans have a sneaking suspicion that the Chinese are doing everything right, while we muddle and Tweet.

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The Democrats’ Christmas Lesson

Liz | 12/22 at 08:48 PM

‘Tis the night before Christmas and all through the land Democrats were chortling “Yes—yes we can!”

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Arab Leader Holds Obama’s Toes to the Fire

Liz | 12/02 at 12:45 PM

Disappointment with President Obama is not a strictly U.S. phenomenon. According to Shafik Gabr, Chairman of Egypt’s Artoc Group for Investments and Development, the Arab world’s enthusiasm for our new president is beginning to wane as well.

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Who’s On Trial—KSM or George W. Bush?

Liz | 11/19 at 02:55 PM

Team Obama’s lofty liberal ambitions lie in tatters. So why not make the previous president the issue all over again?

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Pelosi Dances on Healthcare Grave

Liz | 11/11 at 03:39 PM

Nancy Pelosi envisions herself forever sculpted into liberalism’s Mt. Rushmore. But whether you are for or against it, the health care plan passed by the House is a truly a monumental disruption of our economy. Once enacted, we will never go backwards.

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Who’s Pulling Obama’s Strings?

Liz Peek | 10/28 at 03:38 PM

Is a new narrative starting to build? Is David Axelrod beginning to emerge as Geppetto to President Obama’s Pinocchio?

Wake Up America, YOU Can Still Stop Obamacare

Liz Peek | 10/21 at 11:51 AM

Just because we have been struck nearly unconscious by the endless haranguing from President Obama does not mean that we should give up fighting the health care plan coming from the White House.

Is Obama Another Carter?

Liz Peek | 10/10 at 11:48 AM

By accepting the Norwegian Nobel Committee’s Peace Prize President Obama merges even more forcefully now in Americans’ minds with Jimmy Carter. That is a fate that Obama should avoid at all costs.

Obama Smackdown!

Liz Peek | 10/05 at 11:34 AM

President Obama’s Olympic loss in Denmark comes at a bad time for our ambitious young president. He is taking a drubbing on a number of fronts, leading many to wonder whether his well-run campaign and subsequent election wasn’t a bit of a fluke.

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