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Please, President Obama, FALN Terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera Should Not Go Free

President Obama is reportedly close to commuting the sentence of one of America’s most vicious and unrepentant terrorists, Oscar Lopez Rivera. This must not happen.

Before ISIS, there was the FALN, the most prolific terrorist group ever to attack the United States.  The FBI has linked FALN, which declares itself waging war for Puerto Rican independence, to 146 bombings  and numerous armed robberies, including the heinous 1975 lunchtime attack on Fraunces Tavern in New York that killed 4 people and injured scores more.

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Like LBJ, Trump Is Loving the Role of America’s Dealmaker

Think Donald Trump is a one-off? Not quite—in many ways, he appears a successor to LBJ.

Following the unprecedented election of Donald J. Trump, many continue to look for precedents. The real estate magnate’s intervention with Carrier reminded columnist Peggy Noonan of JFK’s engagement with the steel industry. Others have likened Trump’s unlikely campaign to that of another celebrity who upset the established order – Ronald Reagan.

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The New York Times in a tizzy over Melania Trump’s fashion choices. Seriously?

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