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Liz Peek: Dirt on Hillary?  Who could resist?

Just to be clear: if an emissary of Borut Pahor, President of Slovenia, had emailed Hillary campaign apparatchik John Podesta last summer, offering scandalous dirt on Melania Trump, he would have turned down the meeting? Give me a break.

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Two Republican Senators Just Guaranteed Runaway Spending on Medicaid

The latest scuttling of the Senate health care bill comes at the hands of Senators Mike Lee of Utah and Kansas’ Jerry Moran. Lee, of course, has made a name for himself battling the GOP establishment. In this latest disruption, he lacked the political bravery to go it alone – to be The Guy that torpedoed the long-awaited repeal and replace effort – and so he apparently enlisted milquetoast Moran, a former McConnell ally, to share the spotlight.

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Here’s Why Trump Should Forget the Wall and Push for E-Verify

Liz | Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - 7:10 am

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