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Liz Speaks Out Did Team Obama fudge the jobs numbers to stave off a Fed rate hike?

What a coincidence. Just as momentum was building towards an interest rate hike by the Fed, along comes a dismal jobs report that takes any increase off the table. Contrary to the general perception, this is a lucky break for Democrats.

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Christie Unites the GOP by Condemning Clinton for 8 Major Failures

Last Tuesday night in Cleveland, Chris Christie went where FBI chief James Comey feared to tread - indicting Hillary Clinton for serial poor judgment and bad behavior. He scrolled through her many lapses, trying her in the court of Republican opinion. The convention hall came to life, lustily pronouncing her guilty on all counts.

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Brexit stuns world and delivers message: Hillary Clinton should pay attention

Liz | Friday, June 24, 2016 - 1:17 pm

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